The Jesus Tree

Well, that's what I call it!  I found this image today while researching profanity filters for a webmail system at work.  I can't remember exactly what the page was about that I found this on or even how it related to what I was searching for at the time.  But it's being used as an avatar by someone who calls themselves Fjori on a site called That Forum.

Now surely some will be offended by such an image.  Me, well…I actually laughed when I saw it.  Is that disrespectful?  Sure is.  Is it blasphemous?  I'd say so.  But what you really have to ask yourself is "Is there not some truth here?"  I mean, at least here in the United States one has to admit that Christmas has become largely an orgy of commercialism.  Sure it's still about family and friends, but it's also a whole lot about "What'd ya get?"  For how many people is it all about the man on the cross?  Think about it…
December 19, 2003 @ 12:46 pm | Category:
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