CycleLog completely up to date!

All data for 1995 has been entered. 6.56 miles indoors and 1126.44 miles outdoors for a yearly total of 1133.00 miles. That completes the entry of all of the old data that I have recorded. There are thousands of miles that will remain unacounted for from my childhood (1964-1985) and my first attempt at being a somewhat serious cyclist (1986-1988). The time from 1989-1994 I rode very little if at all. This was during the time which I relocated from Illinois to New York and was traveling extensively for my new job. 1995 marks the beginning of when I began to ride again and start to take my riding seriously. So, being I have no data from before then, I consider 1995 the beginning of my CycleLog "lifetime".
May 13, 2003 @ 08:27 am | Category:
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