The Vending Machine Challenge!

Update below the vending machine…

Are you a hearty soul?  Are you capable of completing The Vending Machine Challenge!?  Personally I can't imagine even trying it.  But I've got $10 ($50 total) riding on a coworker that started an attempt at 9am this morning.

So what do you have to do to win the bet?  Eat one of each item, left to right, top to bottom (less the gum and hard-candy row at the bottom). This amounts to 35-items in 8-hours, that’s more than 1-item every 15-minutes.

He's about 4 hours in and is currently eating a bag of Act II Butter Microwave Popcorn at the beginning of row 3.  Basically he's got 4 more hours to eat 4 more rows.  I've pegged him to give up at row 4, item 4 Jack Link's Beef Jerky.

I'll update this with the outcome and some statistics tomorrow.  Until then, here's what he's up against.  :)

The Vending Machine Challenge!

So Eric started with a fury  and did well with the first nine items.  But then there was the Andy Capp Hot Fries.  Those nearly proved to be his undoing shortly after 11am and only a mere two hours into the challenge.  Eric managed to keep it all down, but took a long break to recover.  Then is was to the popcorn that he was hoping to get through by 11am and then take a break:

The Vending Machine Challenge! - Eric Zarko eats the popcorn

Eric plowed on through the afternoon, but it was becoming increasingly clear there was very little chance he would make it to the end of the challenge by the 5pm deadline.  And so it was that he made it through the Welch's Fruit Snacks just before 5pm, well short of the end of the machine.

The Vending Machine Challenge! - Eric Zarko finishes gummies

Being Eric didn't make it to the end, there was no reimbursement for his vending costs ($4.50), nor would there be a $50 prize.  But there was a consolation prize for him this morning…more Hot Fries and Fruit Snacks!

The Vending Machine Challenge! -  - The Consolation Prize

And a few statistics for you…

Total Calories:4562
Fat Calories:4562
Total Fat:230g 353% RDA
Cholesterol:4mg 4% RDA
Salt (NaCl):6489mg 244.5% RDA
Carbohydrates:635g 200% RDA
Fiber:39g 130% RDA

And so it is, Vending Machine - 1, Man - 0

But for how long?  We have another hearty soul who claims they will take up the challenge in a couple of weeks.
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