Alternative Breakfast

So earlier this week I was getting my kids ready for school and feeding them breakfast.  I wasn't aware of it, but my wife had bought raisin bread the day before, that my youngest and I both love.  Toast was an easy decision for her and would be for me on a non-workout morning, thus this was a bit more difficult for me.  I needed to eat more than that because I had worked out that morning.  Typically on those days I have either oatmeal (the plan that day) or cereal, both with nuts and fruit.  Sometimes I'll have toast and eggs, but didn't really want them and was a bit pressed for time.  but I really wanted raisin toast because I hadn't had it in quite a while.  What to do, what to do…

Rummaging through the leftovers in the fridge I came up with a wonderful and delicious alternative breakfast:
  • Glass of Orange Juice
  • Two pieces of Raisin Toast with Butter
  • Half of a Grapefruit
  • Half cup of leftover Roasted Brussels Sprouts!
And yes, it was as awesomely delicious as it sounds because my wife is an awesome cook and these were fresh Brussels Sprouts from the market.  You may be insanely jealous now, as well as a bit hungry too!
November 21, 2009 @ 09:28 am | Category:
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