Killing Sandy

I was way out of the loop yesterday due to some personal issues, but it was truly bummed out this morning when I found out that Sandy (previously discussed in My Organizational System (GTD)) will be shutting down on December 8th.

The announcement calls it a fork in the road.  At this point it's more like a fork in the heart…Sandy's or mine I'm not sure.  Rael Dornfest, the CEO and developer is shutting it down, while he and the IP from Sandy (and it's predecessor Stikkit) are moving to Twitter.  Maybe at some point Sandy's functionality will reemerge there, but a complete and immediate Sandy shutdown leaves us loyal users high and dry.  There's a lot of bitter words in the comments of the shutdown message (above), but it's not completely unexpected from my perspective.  But it was a very small company and times are tough in the free Web 2.0 world so I'm not completely shocked.  It's just that I never expected a full shutdown.  I always felt it would get gobbled up if nothing else —which it has, but that it would keep running until fully absorbed.  That's unfortunately not the case here.

I was using Sandy a lot in the past, but then had waned a bit when I joined the iPhone Cult.  I thought I would move on to something else, but after a while I found that even with a more full featured phone I didn't really want to use another service/method.  Guess I will be now.  At this point it's likely to be Remember The Milk or Toodledo.

Goodbye Sandy, I'm going to miss you!
November 26, 2008 @ 11:22 pm | Category:
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