One Hundred Push Ups

So a few weeks back I came across One Hundred Push Ups.  This site promotes the personal challenge to do 100 push ups.  I filed it a way, came back a couple of weeks ago and printed out the entire program.  I'm going to do this.  I need to do this.  Now I just need to get on-track and start on it.

Shockingly enough when I brought this up at work the video game addicted, junk food eating (mostly) 20-nothings that I work with…was largely a collective yawn.  Disappointing, but not unexpected.  That's OK, I'm nearly twice the age of most of them and I'm certainly in much better shape.  Now I just need to get mentally tough and raise the bar even higher.  

So I've actually have started this, hopefully I'll stick with it.  Progress updates will be here as needed:

7/24/08 - Initial test.  I did 25 which ranks me a "4" for my age group. Wish it were better, but it could be far worse.  Guess that's why I'm doing this.  :)

7/27/08 - Started week #1.  I've opted for a Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday morning schedule as that's least likely to conflict with my cycling schedule.  Ironically things are a bit wacky this week and I actually did Sunday-Monday night instead of Tuesday morning.  Thinking now (7/30) that doing it in the evening might be better, at least on some days.  Trial and error I guess.  I'm already headed for another conflict because I plan on riding in the morning which is when I should also be doing push ups.  Might have to do them tonight or tomorrow night.

11/08/08 - Epic Fail.  I was starting to fall short a bit in the third week and began to repeat it.  I then got sick and very busy and stopped completely.  At this point I'm hoping to try this again, but will be waiting until the dead of winter when I'm not cycling so much.  This should increase my chances of success if I actually follow through on it.  Loser!
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