MP3’s Killing The Album

The article Who really gives a shit about MP3s killing the album? really struck a chord with me.  I care.  I started buying records roughly 35 years ago.  And I've pretty much always listened to them from start to finish as a complete work.  About the only time I really recall playing single tracks was when a good friend of mine would come over and I'd "play DJ" for him as he barked out requests.  And in the car where I only have an AM/FM radio, I listen to random tunes.  But when it comes to serious listening I always have, and hopefully always will listen to full albums from start to finish.

I've made at least a partial transition to MP3's with a portable for while I'm walking, working, etc.  But even then it's loaded with full album which I will listen too from beginning to end.  I just don't know or like it any other way.  So in my mind, vinyl might be dead —although I still have about 300 records myself, the album certainly is not!
April 29, 2008 @ 12:53 pm | Category:
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