Band-Aid and brand protection

I'm so sick of advertising and the ever increasing need to protect your "brand".  This mini-rant was set off by a Band-Aid ad while I was at the doctor's office this morning.  Surely we all know the old reliable and "cute" Band-Aid song.  But it caught my attention when I learned that "I am stuck on Band-Aid BRAND, because Band-Aid's stuck on me."  Stop.  When the hell did they decide to "update" a piece of my childhood memories by sticking "brand" in there.  Yes, we know Band-Aid is a brand.  But frankly, and sorry for them it a generic term for all "adhesive bandages".  Just as "Kleenex" is a brand, but also just a generic term for "tissue".  See what happens when your advertising is so successful that it become ubiquitous?
March 14, 2008 @ 12:44 pm | Category:
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