THRAK 2007 Review

Once again, another SFFL season has come to a bitter end for the mighty THRAK.

It was a really wacky season (although not over for some yet), that was unlike anything I've seen in the previous 12 years.  I had high expectations —as always, but got off to a slow 1-3 start.  At that point things started to click and rolled off a good stretch going 7-1-1.  I lead the power rankings and scored more points than any other team.  Winning my final regular season game made me the #1 seed in the conference.  Things were so tight that had I lost, I would have been the forth and final seed.  I stumbled badly and lost 83-52 to the Young Guns in the first round of the playoffs.  In the end it really wouldn't have mattered as the other two teams both would have beaten me also.

I'm disappointed, but not surprised.  Just the week before the playoffs started I said I liked my chances, but it could just as easily be any one of the other three teams.  It was a good tough season, but in the end it was a failure to capitalize on a golden opportunity to get a shot an another SFFL title.
December 10, 2007 @ 12:57 pm | Category:
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