Ameritopia: Mission Accomplished

Once again our government has saved us from dangerous, drug addled Canadians!  Living only minutes from the border this comes as a great relieve to me.  I spend many a night lying awake worrying that my government could allow such miscreants to wander our holier than thou streets.  After all, this guy obviously is a major risk to our security.  And do you realize he's been in our country many times before?  *gasp*  Good thing they caught him before he could come in again and do something terrible like hug his grandchildren who live here.  Actually, maybe we should deport them as well.  We should all be relieved that this villain was stopped in time.  After all, we must "think of the children"!

Congratulations America, we are now only mere steps away from completing our wondrous totalitarian utopia.  Now we must spread "the faith" and convert the other "evil-doers" in places like Iran.  Shouldn't be that big of deal being we are in the neighborhood and just finishing up the job in Iraq in fine fashion.
April 24, 2007 @ 12:50 pm | Category:
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