To Twitter or Not to Twitter

It's been about a couple of weeks now that I signed up for a Twitter account.  And only this morning was the first time I posted to it.  If you're plugged into Tech to any great degree you quite likely have already heard about Twitter.  It's the hottest new thing on the web these days.  It's another of those cases like Facebook or the god awful MySpace.  Something that has come out of nowhere and is destined to make somebody a shit load cash when they get bought up.  In short, just another example that make you go "Damn, why didn't I think of that?"

So for me it's more of a matter of whether it's something that I can utilize to complement my blog.  After all, Twitter really is simply a micro-blog that allows you to spit out random thoughts quickly.  And you can do so via SMS (not that I would even if it didn't cost $0.15 a pop), a web interface and theoretically IM…although to this point I've been unable to get that to work.  But if I do that might make this workable for me as I spend a lot of time conversing via IM/IRC throughout the day.  Thus it would be a natural and easy extension to my daily routine -easier that the web interface which is currently my only realistic option.

So how do I then make this fit into my blogging existence?  Well, if you really want to follow me around in pseudo-real-time, then you can do so by getting your own Twitter account and making me a friend or simply be a "follower".  I know I can get an RSS feed with mine and my "friends" posts, but I don't currently see an option where you can get a feed of just a specific user.  I find it hard to believe that's not possible.  (I'm a big dummy, my RSS feed is right there on my public page!)  More research required on that one obviously.  But in any case, I can see where this might be somewhat addictive, but also could potentially complement my blog which I consider to be my information clearinghouse.  Thus I would do some sort of integration there.  There is a Twitter widget available that can display the current post, but I'm thinking of something beyond that…

At this point, if I find I am going to use this to complement my blogging it needs to integrate better for those who only casually follow my blog.  (Yes all 3 of you! ;)  So my initial though on that would be to write a custom extension that would snag my posts to Twitter for the day (if there were any) and then create a "Twitter Archive" post for the day here on the blog.  Doing something like this would then allow me to use Twitter to spew random thoughts throughout the day and then collect them here.  

More crazy thoughts, more things to dilute my working on existing projects…  :)
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