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So last Friday I decided that Amazon's S3 was the way to go so I opened up an account and started playing with a few s3 tools.  I've started collecting the useful things I've found on my s3 tag for those who might be interested in following suit.  Not something I'm looking for, but if you are simply looking to backup a Windows workstation, Jungle Disk looks like a good choice.

One thing I hadn't considered before was storing my mp3's ripped from my music collection.  That's a quick 7-8GB (and growing) I hadn't considered.  But to store that is still only $1.20/mo and $1.60 to upload it.  I'd say that's pretty reasonable and it seems safe and secure in the long run.  Thus the big upload push has begun…  Next up will be figuring out how to backup/rsync my website on a regular basis.

So for some time now I've contemplated the prospect of online backup/storage.  I don't have a lot of confidence in my home PC, nor do I have the time or mental fortitude to build and maintain a backup server.  I simply have other things I'd rather do with my time these days.  Thus I always thought that having secure remote storage would be ideal.  But when I first thought about it it wasn't a viable option because of the cost and the bandwidth to shuffle things back and forth.

This past week I read with interest Jeremy Zawodny's blog entries Replacing my home backup server with Amazon's S3 and A List of Amazon S3 Backup Tools.  Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) seems just like the sort of thing I'm looking for although I haven't had time to really look into some of the tools available.  One thing that I wish it did have was SFTP or SCP access.

Among the comments some suggest using DreamHost to do something similar, but at a lower cost.  I'm all for that and for file storage I this would probably be workable even though I'd never consider using them for web hosting…I've read too many bad things even with all the talk I hear about how wonderful they are.  Thanks but no thanks.  Besides, this is outside the scope of what this entry is about.  It would also be nice primarily because it would be readily available via SFTP and SCP.  But the real downside is that it violates their Terms of Service which states "The customer agrees to make use of DreamHost Webhosting servers primarily for the purpose of hosting a website…" so at any time they could shut your file storage down.  Plus their infrastructure surely isn't as fault tolerant or distributed as Amazon's.

So at this point I'm looking at it a bit, but without any clear decisions.  I know I need to do something as most of my data at home is not reliably backed up and my photo collection just keeps growing.  At this point I know I would need 3-4GB right out of the gate to store all of it.  I'm sort of waiting to see what else Jeremy has to say on the matter, as well as his commenter's.  But if you're reading this, have some experience with online storage and have some ideas, please point me at anything you think might be useful.
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