Caught In The Rain

I generally try to go for a 20 minute walk most days at lunchtime.  For the most part this means a quick jaunt around the Erie Basin Marina and back to my office —The building on the left end of La Riviere Drive in the photo.  Yesterday it was a bit chilly with the temperature only in the upper 50's and it had rained on and off in the morning.  So looking out my window (which overlooks the marina and Lake Erie) it was grey and overcast, but not too bad.  So I set off on my walk.  I was about three quarters of the way out to the end of the marina when I could see it was raining out over the lake.  It seemed moderate, but not moving real fast so I kept going to the end.  But as I began heading back, the winds began to pickup.  I made it about 25% of the way back when it started to rain.  And not the moderate rain I thought I might get caught in, but wind driven, heavy sideways rain!  Oops!  So as I plodded onward —because there's no shortcuts on this walk unless you want to swim, I quickly got soaked.  But only on one side!  It stopped raining before I got back to the other end of the marina and the sun started to come out.  But it was too late for me.  I was drenched completely on my right side and the right half of my left leg.  Needless to say, when I returned to the office a number of people had a good laugh at my new two-tone appearance.  It was a cold soggy afternoon sitting in my office as I slowly dried out.  Oh, well…live and learn.  :)
September 21, 2006 @ 12:39 pm | Category:
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