Berry Pickin’ (2006)

Well, after doing so last year, I guess berry picking is now an annual tradition.  We trekked out to Waterport, NY and Brown's Berry Patch for another round of berry fun.  This is about a month earlier than we went last year and the raspberry picking was definately slimmer, but we still picked 3 quarts of them.  As for blueberries, it was truly insantity.  I basically was just holding up my basket and picking clumps of them at a time.  Thus in the end we wound up picking an astounding 11 quarts of them.  Had we had another basket out in the field with us I'm sure we would have picked even more.  The girls even picked (and ate) their fair share.  Although near the end they discovered it was lot easier to just go over and steal handfuls out of dads basket!
July 31, 2006 @ 12:38 pm | Category:
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