LocalNet: The Nightmare Ends

This isn't what I intended to do this morning, but the pinheads at LocalNet made the decision for me…

So now that I've completed The Quest for DSL, I cancelled my very pathetic dial-up access via LocalNet.  Actually at this point I should say "I attempted to cancel…" because these asshats who call themselves an ISP can't even accept a cancellation via the internet!  Of course they were more than willing to sign me up over the internet without any problems, God forbid you should want to cancel.  Nope, we wouldn't want to make that easy.

After getting my DSL working the other day I went to their website and sent the following message to their "Customer (We Don't) Care" department:

Please cancel my dialup access effective 1/1/2006.  If you need to contact me further please send it to kevinp ~AT~ polarlava.com as I've never used the localnet email account.


Kevin L. Papendick

And in return I received the following reply this morning:

Dear LocalNet Customer, Cancellations can be accepted only by written confirmation through a letter or fax. Please include the account holders name, LocalNet Username, reason for canceling, and the signature of the account holder.

Letters can be mailed to:
LocalNet Corp
287 Commerce Drive
Amherst, NY

Faxes can be sent to:

All accounts are deactivated at the end of their current month of service.

Thank you,
LocalNet Customer Service
Monday through Friday: 8:00 AM - 1:00 AM (EST)
Saturday & Sunday: 8:30 AM - 8:00 PM (EST)

What?!  I can signup and cancel web hosting with companies all across the country, but I can't cancel my ISP that's only a few miles away?  Like I said, "asshats".

So in order to put this nightmare behind me I've sent them a letter as requested including all the problems I experienced with disconnects and non-responding connections.  So if you're doing research on LocalNet - A crappy little ISP you never want to use, consider yourself warned.

If you're still interested and looking for more, you can read more LocalNet horror stories.
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