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Okay, I've been lurking around it for a while, but I finally signed up at have started my own bookmark collection.  I can see this becoming really addictive, but also very useful.

I used to collect lots of bookmarks, but they were always a hassle to manage.  Thus several years ago I basically stopped book marking things and would just search for whatever I needed.  Google obviously has made this easier, but often you can't find your way back to that exact link you found previously.  You know the one…the one you didn't bother to save or bookmark!  ;)

The biggest reason I like this is that it will allow me to easily "share" my bookmarks between work, home and wherever I may happen to be.  I can always access this list.  This is also the same reason that I switched to using a web mail interface exclusively a few years back.  Unless you are always in one place —very unlikely for most people these days, you need to be able to access your information globally.
December 17, 2004 @ 12:39 pm | Category:
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