Lost in Place

Just enjoying a few days of R&R while my parents are in town visiting me and my family.  Last week was brutally long and arduous, but well worth it…I've accepted a position at Synacor as a "Code Review Engineer" beginning November 8th.  Thus I notified my current employer, Choice One Communications that November 5th will be my last day there.  In my new position I will initially be working with the different programming groups to learn their system.  After a couple of months I will be responsible for making sure these groups all stay on the same page and do things in a consistent and compatible manner.  Quite an exciting new challenge for me and I'm very much looking forward to it.

We had a very nice weekend and went out to Becker Farms on Saturday to pick pumpkins.  This has sort of become a tradition for Mary Lou and I and it was especially nice to have my parents along with us this year.  Sunday was largely spent lounging around whereby I've either cracked, broke or did something awful to my ribs just left of my sternum.  I was wrestling with Colin and he was pushing against them with his feet when I felt this rather unpleasant "POP"!  It's not slowing me down too much, but it is rather uncomfortable and occasionally painful if it gets squeezed at all.

And tomorrow it's back to the working world again.
October 26, 2004 @ 07:26 am | Category:
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