I just read this this article over at Boing Boing and all I can say is "unbelievable"!  Nothing like having a publisher attempt to hijack/extort/strongarm your domain name from you because they did something stupid.  If you visit she has a very good explanation of her position on this whole situation and the inconvenience it has cause her.  And to Penguin Putnam all I can say is tough shit!  You don't own it and if Katie is smart, she won't sell it —at least not to you!  And although it seems that Katherine (Katie) Tarbox has a sad and unfortunate story to tell in the book, why the hell did you agree to that name?  Why not call it "" which would point people's interest in it to your domain instead?  Pinheads.

I just read this very interesting GrepLaw interview with Katie Jones regarding this whole situation.  Very interesting.  I've also appears that it's not Penguin Putnam that is doing the strongarming, but Katherine (Katie) Tarbox's lawyer, Parry Aftab.  Guess today is Scumbag Lawyer Day!

Well, the latest news on this nonsense appears to be a major victory for Katie Jones.  Penguin Putnam has issued a press release stating that they will be changing the title of Katherine (Katie) Tarbox's book to A Girl's Life Online.  Ah, the light goes on!  It still remains to be seen if Parry Aftab and her agenda disappear now also.
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