The missing missing link

From the "No Shit" department comes word that there was no connection between Iraq and al Qaeda on the 9/11 attacks.  Duh?  Anyone outside of George W. Bonehead and company with half a brain surely figured this out long ago.  But then again, I guess we'll all be eating our words when they find bin Laden sitting in his cave on top of a pile of Iraqi chemical and biological weapons.  What can I say other than "bring 'em on".

Shortly after the 9/11 Commission found no "credible evidence" that Iraq cooperated with al Qaeda, Vice President Chenney pretty must insisted that it was not so.  His feelings being that "probably" had information the commission didn't.  But after reviewing transcripts of his remarks, the commission believes he knows nothing that they don't.  Hmmm…go figure.

The saga continues with even more damning evidence…or the lack there of!

June 16, 2004 @ 12:32 pm | Category:
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