Little Red Wagon

This past week, being a good but procrastinating Dad, I finally assembled the wagon that Olivia got last year for Christmas…or was it her birthday?!  In any case, it's together and a big hit with her.  The lengthy delay wasn't entire her fathers fault.  Mom pondered for a longtime whether we should return it for credit and upgrade to a wood panel style.  In the end, it just wouldn't be money well spent.  Thus the time finally arrived to stop putting it off and get some use out of it.  One has to wonder why I hadn't done this sooner as it took less than a half an hour to assemble it!  In any case, here it is, a Radio Flyer #89 Promotional Wagon.

Radio Flyer #89 Promotional Wagon
April 27, 2004 @ 12:54 pm | Category:
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