Scourge: John Ashcroft

The more I learn about United States Attorney General John Ashcroft the more disturbing I find him to be.  The guy is wound way too tight and certainly should not be running the Justice Department.  His personal convictions & agenda are simply not something this country needs.  In short, I can only hope he goes away soon.  Otherwise, chances are you won't be able to read things like this because I won't be allowed to write them!

In the past several days I've come across a number of interesting items related to the esteemed Mr. Ashcroft.  For starters, there's this lovely mosaic made entirely of pornographic images.  Perfect!  Unfortunately the post is now gone!  Guess the words "Cease & Desist" were involved.  Here's the Google Cache but without the actual image which is now gone from the server!  I guess this just illustrates my point.  Ah, Google good, here it is at!  This picture apparently was done in response to an article about the adminstration's war on pornography.  I see this being about as successful as that war on drugs.  You are old enough to remember that, no?  If not, it's probably best now that they have been completely eradicated from society!  Yep, money well spent there, but I digress.  Anyhow, I'm not alone in my thinking, because he's been recently awarded a 2004 Jefferson Muzzle by The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression.  Please move along now.  Oh, and take John with you!
April 14, 2004 @ 12:52 pm | Category:
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