Meet Moose


This is Moose.  He's a Bichon Frisé who is about 17 month old and the newest occupant of my household.  My wife had been pining away for a dog for quite a while.  But she's highly allergic to most dogs so we had to get one that didn't shed.  Basically it was either this or a poodle and I really didn't want one of those.  Me on the other hand I'm not a great pet lover.  I don't mind most well behaved dogs or cats, but I really didn't have any desire to have one of my own.  But if nothing else my darling wife is persistent.  So we made a deal; When I got a new bike, she could get a dog.  Surely you saw the picture I posted of of my new bike.  What?  You didn't see it.  Oh, that's because there isn't a new bike.  But here's our new dog.  Let this be a lesson to you single men out there.  This is what happens when you get married.  :)

He's a slightly used dog, and is just outgrowing is puppy-dom.  They thought he had a heart murmur when he was born so the breeder kept him for a year until they were certain he was 100% healthy.  Which he is and thus they sold him to us…at a "discount".  Which it was by their standards.  But apparently their idea of a discount isn't the same as mine.  Because their "discount" in my lexicon is "damn expensive", but is 2/3rds of the cost of a new puppy.  And this is what they term a "companion dog".  If you want a show quality dog you're talking double the full price.

So Moose has been here for about a little over a month now.  He's still having "issues" on occasion letting us know he's got to go out to poop, but we're getting on track now.  He's very quiet and is very playful.  He love to play fetch with his toys or just snuggle up with you.  But remember, it's my wife's dog and I don't like pets.  I've been treating him nice to make my wife happy, but it's all just an act on my part of course.  He's getting the "bad cop" routine from me, really…"Come here Moose, that's it, good boy!"  ;)

He's not quite as fluffy now as he went to the groomer yesterday and is now trimmed down pretty well.  He's even got eyes now.  I'd like to tell you more, but I want to go ride that new bike of mine…someday.
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