Sharp-shinned Hawk (2 shots)

Sharp-shinned Hawk (left) Sharp-shinned Hawk (right)  

There are lots of hawks around where I live and that suits me just fine because I like hawks.  And every once in a while I'll see them around my neighborhood.  But about a month ago on a cold and snowy day I saw one hunkered down in the pine tree in my backyard.  Cool.  And a couple of weeks after (which was also just a couple of weeks ago) I saw this guy on the neighbor's fence.  Quick, get the camera.  I took about 15-20 shots from various points in the house, both up and down stairs.  These were the best and both were taken from the back room off the kitchen with (I think) the top, looking left photo the better of the two.

He was gone a short while later and as we were getting ready to leave I saw another one hunkered down in the pine tree again.  Looking at that one I know it was not the same one as it was larger and appeared to be a Cooper's Hawk.  They look very similar, but have a more rounded tail than the Sharp-shinned Hawk.  And I know this from the wonderful bird book my wife got from the kids for Christmas.  :)

Should the chance arise to get more photos like this I'll have to venture out the front door and around the house to see if I can get a better shot.
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