I'm asking you
Do you take life light?
Do you live the way you like?
Nothing really changes
I grow older by the day
Seems that nothing gets accomplished
I'm standing in one place
Frozen like a lake
Will progress come with change?

I can't take standing in one place
Wanna get out of this state
If only for a little while
It's the same, morning to night
Just stand your bitter trial
Take what's coming just like a little child

I could stand up and scream
But it would still be the same
A futile attempt to erase the dreams
It's behind me, surrounds me, all around me
Unknown destiny

So afraid of what it might be
Will I float on the top or drown in its sea?
Can only tell when the futures released
When will its lifeblood pump through me?

July 11, 2007 @ 12:43 pm | Category:
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