Where am I going, what am I now?
What is coming, where does it go?
Direction, purpose, unknown
Holding on to what little I've got
Looking for someone to help me through
Turned the wrong way too many times
I'm so afraid, I can't find the path

Who can hold me, show me what's right
Gone wrong in so many ways
Can it change?  Will it change?
Lost is deep thought, is the cause lost?
Why am I here?  Where can I go?
My Direction and purpose are unknown

Ca I give what I've got or do I have what you want?
Am I in a fog of hopeless cause?
Or will it rise so I can't hide?
Direction uncertain, purpose unknown

Blowing in the jet stream of a nuclear age
A number in memory in a computer bank
Being crushed by the weight of the technological race
Somehow I wonder, will it ever change?
What will I become in this modern craze?

March 10, 2008 @ 12:54 pm | Category:
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