Flaming Sun (The Mob Returns)

Flaming Sun (The Mob Returns)

Looking in the mirrors we see our eyes
Fades away slowly to a burning sky
"We've heard the stories, and how you lied"
Quickly turning, our bodies writhe
In the dirt

Though of daylight, in your mind
Chance to put it, on the line
In the night, flaming sun
Shaded light, flaming sun
Burns your eyes

It's the morning of the end of time
Front page headline: In The Sky!
Goes on to tell us, the reasons why
Flaming sun, shoots out at night
Flaming sun, burns your eyes

Find you dead in a ally someday
Learned a lesson on how bills get paid
In the night, the sun it flames
Burning hotter than a summer day

August 4, 2006 @ 12:44 pm | Category:
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