The Artist

The Artist

I'm looking over to see what's on your mind
Glance down your paper, it's written in the lines
Wish I had a moment to look out through your eyes
Just a single moment to share a single mind

You're the artist, born in this time
Sketch the wholeness, pictures never lie
With a story, it fits just right

One look at life, through an open mind
Reaching for a door, he shows another's life
Drawing to a conclusion, a place where it begins

You're the artist, giving what you think
There's nothing bogus, just life's dreams
Feel it floating, drifting in the air
Capturing moments, making it all so clear

You're the artist, your mind is clear
Paying notice to the things we wear
You never focus on your last despair
You've always known that there would be something more —somewhere

June 9, 2006 @ 12:54 pm | Category:
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