We’re On Fire

We're On Fire

The Boys will rock-n-roll tonight
Just looking for a good time
Ain't nothing else on their minds
'Cause we're heading on some hard times
We got nothing on the straight line
So we're gonna do it out of time

Oh! Take off with a shotglass
We're gonna have some "Uncle Jack"
Vodka comes the next time
After that we're doing fine

We ain't no reasons why
All we've got is lots of time
So don't hassle us now
We'll tear you down
'Cause we're wild and wired
We're all on fire

Smoke in the air, really turned us on
Now we're just rying to ha-a-a-ang on —to life
We're alive, we're wired
Burn inside, can't see the fire
But still I know anything goes…
'Cause we're on fire!

September 1, 2005 @ 12:31 pm | Category:
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