Edged Out Mind

Edged Out Mind

I've been standing in the rain
I've been to the edge of time
Waiting for sun, so I can really shine
I know there's something coming
I've known it for quite a time
Even though I don't, I still don't know why

I've seen it before
I've seen it come alive
I've seen it at the beginning of time

I'm standing on
Standing on the edge of time
I'm looking in
Looking in from an edged out mind

My body is crying
My mind is dying
And I know the reasons why
It's been distorted, and twisted
It's been torn our of line
It's looking out on an edged out mind

I'm hyperactive
I'm so spuratic
I'm spastically out of control

August 25, 2005 @ 12:49 pm | Category:
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