Speedin’ Through Life

Speedin' Through Life

Mach III - Oh, that's me!
To fast to control, totally let go
No chains to stop me, no leash to bind me
Cops don't stop me, 'cause they can't see me!
I'm traveling three times the speed of sound
There ain't no slowing me down

Oh, speedin', speedin' through life
Tension complete, ain't not sleepin' tonight
Don't hold me, or try to break me!
You can't hurt me 'cause I don't precieve pain
My minds in a time warp, hyper space flight
Soon I will crash into the night and sleep tight
Hours pass me by, where they go I don't know
But soon again I'll pass into flight
Flying too fast to control!

No chains to stop me, no leash to bind me
No one can stop me, I'm to, too high!
Speedin', speedin', oh, oh speedin'
Speedin' through life!

Going up slow and down with a swift nosedive crash
Sometime it'll be too fast!
To, too fast and CRASH!!!

January 18, 2005 @ 12:32 pm | Category:
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