The further decline of Magic Hat

I've been a fan of Magic Hat brewing for a number of years now and even visited the Artifactory and picked up some swag while on vacation in Vermont.  But since their expansion and then acquisition of Pyramid Breweries I feel they've been in decline.  I like Pyramid's beers as well, although I haven't had one in quite some time so I don't know if they've declined as well.  And it gets grimmer yet…

Earlier this week I heard they were being sold.  So now with the news they are being acquired by a mega-brewer, one that churns out "quality" products —AKA swill, like Genesee and Dundee beers, might it all just be over?

I always liked their quirkiness, but can't imagine this is going to be a positive move for beer drinkers.  But I get it, if I were a stock holder —particularly from the early days, I would be stoked!  It's an investment that seems it's about to payoff nicely.  Welcome to the sad and backwards world of "Quantity over Quality." :(
August 2, 2010 @ 12:20 pm | Category:
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