Waiting for a PS3?

From the "I guess I'm getting really old department"…

Can someone please explain to me why anyone would camp-out in line to buy a gaming system?  This time around it's the new PS3.  This isn't the first time for this sort of nonsense as I recall the same stupidity surrounded the Xbox360 when it came out.  It's not like they are only going to be a limited number of them made.  Do you really need to be the first kid on the block to have one?

I guess I might be able to cut some slack to those that are going to buy them and then resell them on Ebay to make a buck.  I hope it's worth the effort for you.  Actually I can respect that more than those who are waiting just because they want one.  And even more pathetic are the fools who are going to way over pay for it by being one of the buyers of those that are going to show up on Ebay.

In short, get a life people.  It's a game.  Wait until after the first of they year when they will likely be widely available.  And if not, wait some more.  It's not like you're going to perish without it.  In the meantime, turn off the TV and go outside.  It's a wonderful place, this world we live in.

— Update —

Shortly after I wrote this Shredd and Ragan got sick of the nonsense too.  So instead of giving away the last PS3 they had, they sent it over the falls.  :)
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