The Move is On

December 9, 2005
And if you're now reading this, my migration to A2 Web Hosting has succeeded!  It's likely that there are a few things that may be broken, so bear with me over the next couple of days whilst I sort it all out.

— December 5, 2005
Things will probably be pretty quite here this week as I prepare to switch over my hosting Friday evening.

As much as I didn't want to have to do it, I've decided to move my website again.  I've signed up and begun reconfiguring my website at A2 Web Hosting.

Although my current hosting provider runs fast servers and does a good job of staying on top of security issues, they have been increasingly unresponsive to support requests.  I've had a couple of issues in the past couple of months that have not been acknowledged or remedied.  I'm not sure what has happened with them, but I used to get very timely and positive responses to my support requests.  And I don't think it's because I'm constantly whining about things, I'm not.  I've been here for two years now and other than some initial issues, I haven't spoken to them until the past couple of months.  That's not acceptable to me and that's the first reason I'm packing up and moving.

The other reason for my move is because I want to be on a server with PHP5 on it.  I had volunteered to be guinea pig for it with my current provider, but my offer was not acknowleged.  And then more recently I entered into a discussion to consider porting PolarBlog to PostgreSQL.  This is something I am interested in doing as well as increasing my general knowledge, so I then needed a host which would also provide that.  Thus in addition to my current requirements, I needed a host that had both PHP5 and PostgreSQL support.  I found only a few affordable choice and A2 Web Hosting quickly became the clear option.  As an added bonus they also support Ruby on Rails should I start looking at that…something else I'd like to do.

So, sometime in the next month, PolarLava will be on the move.  And if I can find the time, it will come out on the other side with a new look.  But that may need to wait a bit…time will tell.
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