Buried Treasure Bandits

Today we meet Barry Billcliff, 27, of Manchester, New Hampshire, and Timothy Crebase, 22, of Methuen, Massachusetts (Dead link, see below).  Here's my rough guess at the conversation that lead up to their arrest:

TC: Dude, roofing this house isn't paying us enough.  Lets just steal these old coins and money while we're here!
BB: Yeah, we can pretend we dug it up like buried treasure in the backyard!
TC: That's cool!  We'll be like famous and stuff.
BB: Yeah, who'll ever know we stole it.
TC: Yeah.
[Fade to black as our two clueless morons crack warm 40oz. beers.]

Ordinarily an entry such as this would have likely faded into history and that dead link above would have remained just that.  But this one is no longer ordinary!  Let's start with a better and fresher link of the story.  And then we have the comment below, allegedly from Barry himself!  You might need to read it a couple of times though being literacy apparently isn't Barry's forte.  Let's hope he's a better roofer.  As for addressing his comments, I'll take that that up below (when I have the time).  Welcome back to the limelight Barry!  You should have just let the sleeping dog lie.  ;)  
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