Gallery Update

As you probably hadn't even noticed, I upgraded the Gallery software to V1.5 about a week and a half ago.  And in typical fashion they did a nice job of changing things so as to break my existing installation layout!  From what I saw on the support forums, I wasn't alone in my unhappiness.  After doing the upgrade I did manage to get my color scheme back in short order.  But the layout was smooshed to about 1/2 its size.  After mucking around with the wrapper files I finally got my layout working again. :)

I have such a love/hate relationship with Gallery.  It's a very nice and powerful application, but it's had security problems in the past and they constantly break things during upgrades!  I really dislike the way they package things for distribution —when you unpack it, it overwrites the existing installation because they don't version label their release directory.  Then there are never any upgrade/release notes.  From what I gather from their web site you apparently are expected to keep up notes with the release candidates.  That's not very good if you only upgrade when the stable version comes out!  Ideally you should have some sort of README or UPGRADE notes file that you can read BEFORE you trash your existing installation!  Enough venting for now.  The application is getting better with every release, but they need to do a better job of preparing users for what to expect when a new release is installed.
April 23, 2005 @ 09:54 am | Category:
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