Cycling Section Updated

I’ve updated the Cycling section of the site so it now has the same look and feel and the rest of the site. It’s not using the new XHTML and CSS compliant layout at this time, but rather the new templating engine while still incorporating some of the old table based layout elements. This was the quickest way to get there in the short term, which was the goal. As such this section is HTML 4.01 compliant rather than XHTML. I’ve been slowly working on a new search page that will meets my new design requirements as well as addresses a number of short comings in the current system. This change will bring XHTML compliance, full templating and a complete object oriented design to the underpinnings. Once the search section is complete, it should require less effort to update the rest of the application.
October 23, 2003 @ 01:00 pm | Category:
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