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A significant addition regarding the PolarLava Weather section and my involvement with Geo::Weather has been added to the end of this post.
-klp 12/11/2003

A number of changes have been made here at over the past few weeks.  Starting with this new Blog category to record the happenings around here.  Second would be the new, hopefully fresher look and feel than the old dark theme previously used.  One notable exception to this is the "Cycling" section which not only needs the new face lift, but also a reworking of its underpinnings. That’s going to take a bit of work, thus it is still running with the old look.

After nearly two years it was time for an updated look.  It was also time to move with the technology curve…the old layout was all table based and (almost all) HTML 4.01 Transitional compliant.  The new layout is much lighter as it uses Cascading Style Sheets and is fully compliant.  This should not only make page loads faster, but also makes it much easier to change the look/layout of the site.  I’ve also stepped up to trying to keep as much of the site as possible XHTML Strict compliant.  Besides the Cycling section that has yet to be updated, the only section at this time known not pass XHTML validation, is this Blog!  Another issue which I will be working on, time permitting.

The other big change is the new retrieval mechanism for the "Weather" section.   The previous content found here has been moved to a new blog entry.
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