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The FIRST SFFL team on the World Wide Web!!!

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THRAK Football Enterprises is one of the original SFFL franchises from the inaugural 1995 season. The team name originates from the hard driving, relentless sounds that eminate from it's name sake THRAK , the 1995 release from King Crimson . The team crest is derived from a bumper sticker that was distributed at King Crimson's first appearance in the United States in over 13 years. This awe inspiring show of musical talent took place on Friday May 26, 1995 at the State University of New York - Buffalo (Amherst Campus) in the Center For The Performing Arts. A long time fan of the band, team owner, Kevin Papendick was compelled to enshrine the name "THRAK" upon his team. The rest they say, is least until the copyright police show up!

Being the most progressive franchise's in the league, THRAK was the first SFFL team with a World Wide Web homepage. Other teams followed suit shortly thereafter when the SFFL web site went online. The THRAK organization has been a large proponent of this project and a major contributor to its success.

Historical Facts

The Helmets

Regular Playoff C-D Champions

The two original helmets (L to R 1-2) were unleashed on the unwashed masses prior to the final 1996 regular season game. To always be one step ahead of the unwashed masses, a regular game helmet (red-orange) and a "big game" helmet (yellow) were instituted by the THRAK organization. Both helmets featured the distinctive "double-trio" logo in bright blue as a constant reminder to their on field opponents of the relentless force which they are up against. The yellow "big game" helmets made their onfield debut that final week of the 1996 regular season where THRAK defeated the Fighting Lounge Chairs 35-33 to clinch their second straight playoff birth. The red-orange regular game helmet made its onfield debut at the start of the 1997 season at home against the Hackers.

Following the 2000 Championship season, THRAK unveiled a new blue helmet to commemorate their first Cross-Dressed Championship. This helmet will be worn during the 2001 regular season in celebration of their championship. Additionally, the "big game" yellow helmet will now be used exclusively during all future playoff games.

What the hell is "THRAK"?

"What does THRAK mean? The meaning of THRAK -- and I'll give you two definitions -- the first one is: a sudden and precise impact moving from direction and commitment in service of an aim. And again, it's a sudden impact moving from direction, intention and commitment in service of an aim. The second definition is: 117 guitars almost hitting the same chord simultaneously. So, the album THRAK, what is it? 56 minutes and 37 seconds of songs and music about love, dying, redemption and mature guys who get erections."
- Robert Fripp as stated in "The Making of THRAK" European TV special