From:       jhaddock 
               Reply-To:   jhaddock 
               To:         "Kevin L. Papendick" 
               Date:       01 May 2001, 05:23:52 PM 
               Subject:    Re: Screenshot Usage 

               Hi Kevin,

               Very cool. Thanks. And thanks for letting me know about the dead
               links. --Jon

               Friday, June 01, 2001, 5:33:26 AM, you wrote:

               KLP> Jon,

               KLP> I was viewing your screenshots a while back, which I quite enjoyed.  I
               KLP> would like to know if it is okay for me to use your "Quang Duc" screenshot
               KLP> on what is known as my "home node" at  You can see how I am
               KLP> using it here:

               KLP> I have referenced it as your work and also placed a link on the page to
               KLP> your other screenshot work.  Please let me know if this usage is
               KLP> unacceptable to you or acceptable with changes.  Should you not want me to
               KLP> use it I will remove it immediately upon your request.

               KLP> Also, the two links to that you reference in your FAQ
               KLP> do not work, as the server does not answer.

               KLP> Thank You,

               KLP> Kevin L. Papendick