Cycling Ride

Saturday January 12, 2013   (Outdoors)
Bike: Trek 2120 (1995)
Time Distance Avg
02:09:00 33.46 mi 15.56 mph 38.10 mph
67 rpm 108 rpm    
Nutrition: 24oz. of water, 20oz. of Accelerade.
Note: Zimmerman/Erie/Walck/Old Falls/Tonawanda Creek N/Townline/Beach Ridge/Aiken/Meahl/Saunders Settlement/Subbera/Upper Mountain/Blackman/Thrall/Green/Ridge/Plank/Van Dusen/Green and then backtracking to Tonawanda Creek N/Old Falls/Sweeney/Robinson.  (The map is the correct route, but not from this ride.)

Wow, just wow!  Tough, tough wind today.  Strong and steady with lots of big gusts.  As poor as this ride was, it's still more fun than being indoors.  And this time of year one hardly expects to get weather like today.  The timing worked out perfectly as the weekend is warm, but then it's back to the deep freeze.  Let's hope there's some better rides to come this year.

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Heart Data
Below (153) In Zone Above (170) Total Time
01:11:07 01:03:31 00:00:00 02:14:38
Average Maximum
151 bpm 165 bpm
Personal Data
Weight Body Fat Sleep Time Sleep Quality
162.4 lbs. 10.2% 7.00 hrs Good
(Mostly Cloudy and Breezy)  Weather Data Niagara Falls International Airport, NY  [KIAG]  (3:00 pm)   [WID: 91344]
Temperature Wind Chill Wind Conditions
57°F (13°C) 53°F (12°C) SW 20.7 mph (Gusts to 28 mph) Mostly Cloudy and Breezy
Dew Point Humidity Visibility Barometer
48°F (9°C) 72% 10.00 miles 1014.0 mb
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