Cycling Ride

Thursday April 02, 2009   (Indoors - Fluid Trainer)
Bike: Centurion Ironman Expert (1987)
Time Distance Avg
01:09:24 21.06 mi 18.21 mph 27.60 mph
Nutrition: 24oz. of water.
Note: 6 x 5 minute standing progressions followed by 5 minute, 5 second up/downs after each set.

A good workout after a rest day.  With the exception of burning my arm on the fluid trainer while disengaging the roller after my workout.  Hard to imagine that gets scorching hot after an hour of use!  I manage to do this at least 3-4 times a year it seems and today's was a pretty good/bad one.  One of these days I will learn.
Heart Data
Below (153) In Zone Above (170) Total Time
00:48:38 00:20:00 00:01:31 01:10:09
Personal Data
Weight Body Fat Sleep Time Sleep Quality
158.6 lbs. 9.6% 6.75 hrs Good
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