Thursday, June 24, 2010

One Word: beach

Today's One Word was "beach"…

I long to be on a beach.  To feel the warmth of the sun, the sand on my feet and the wind on my face.  Salt air filling my lungs. [Ref]
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Monday, August 11, 2008

The Gemstone

The Gemstone

Critical placement
What it takes to hold
Proper fitting
The light will show

It's a phony, it's far too small
But in the doorway
It's the key to the hall

Found the third one, it's color is gold
In the floor hold, it begins to grow
Shines a light, for a place to crawl

Now you've got it, the rock that does it
Holding it tight, immersed in light
This your take for making your fate

Fall 1983
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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Discovering one word

So yesterday I came across one word.  The basic premise being it gives you one word and then you have sixty-seconds to write about.  Very simple, very easy.  This is something I can see doing periodically.  So yesterday's word was "spark".  To which I came up with:
There was a spark that ignited a single flame. But that's all it took to bring the entire house down to a pile of ashes. Sadness reigns.
And today (as I literally just did this while writing this post) is "chorus".  So I wrote:
The voices rang from on high.  As the church hall filled with glorious sound.  And there were smiles all around and much happiness.  The sound of peace.
I like it.  :)
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Monday, March 10, 2008



Where am I going, what am I now?
What is coming, where does it go?
Direction, purpose, unknown
Holding on to what little I've got
Looking for someone to help me through
Turned the wrong way too many times
I'm so afraid, I can't find the path

Who can hold me, show me what's right
Gone wrong in so many ways
Can it change?  Will it change?
Lost is deep thought, is the cause lost?
Why am I here?  Where can I go?
My Direction and purpose are unknown

Ca I give what I've got or do I have what you want?
Am I in a fog of hopeless cause?
Or will it rise so I can't hide?
Direction uncertain, purpose unknown

Blowing in the jet stream of a nuclear age
A number in memory in a computer bank
Being crushed by the weight of the technological race
Somehow I wonder, will it ever change?
What will I become in this modern craze?

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Wanna Be Rich (Take 2)

I Wanna Be Rich (Take 2)

I wanna be rich, and not have to work
I wanna sit by the pool, work on my tan
I wanna drive fast cars, pig out on caviar
I want nice clothes, high fashion modes
I wanna be famous for waste
Have friends in high places
And stocks to trade
I wanna big house and a beautiful wife

I wanna be two-faced and still be liked
Li to run people into the ground
If I get the chance — Step on you when you're down
Ruin you home life and laugh like hell
I wann be rich doing all my way
Be obnoxious — Live on the edge
Bu it outright, cash up front
Getting paid by the hour to go out to lunch
Use my car phone to phone home
Pay you peanuts to work you to the bone
Fly through the sky in my private jet
To go play on the beach in San Tropei

9/1/1983 - verse one
10/4/1987 - verse two
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Living In A Nuclear Age

Living In A Nuclear Age

Looking out the window
Watchin little Johnny and his friends play games
Smiling, laughing, having fun
And they don't even understand

Can't even count the days
Don' know what to fear
Living in a nuclear age
Their days are numbered, unfortunately

'Cause we're livin'
In a nuclear age
Getting wasted by radiation

Summer 1983
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You Got To Listen

You Got To Listen

No one ever seems to get
The meaning of what I say
Don't you listen to the words?
As they flow like blood from open veins

Somday you're gonna learn
You got to listen to what I say
And that moment will strike
And you will realize
You have listened
Instead of turning away

Summer 1983
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Wanna Be Rich

I Wanna Be Rich

I wanna be rich — Jet set fame
I wanna impress — Upon your brain
I got that look — Makes you jealously insane
High fashion — Nice Clothes
Diamond Rings — Townhomes
Movie stars — Caviar

I wanna be rich with my stocks in trade
I'd drive a fast car — and be king of waste
Jet planes — Stereo's
A beautiful wife and a place called home
Limousines — Gold chains
A diamond chip — earring
See me on — Channel 3
I own the club with the mirrored seats

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