Sunday, February 27, 2011

Beer & Wine Page Update

Yesterday while working on something else, I found a stupid bug in my Beer page code.  You would think I would have discovered this sooner, but being I don't actually check on it that often.  This insidious little bugger was causing only half the entries to display.  I was initially puzzled by it, but it didn't take long to realize that this was being caused by a very poor architectural decision from many years ago.  It's actually an issue in the PolarBlog code that I am using to generate the data for the page.  When trying to pull all of the entries at once it eats up all of the database connections and dies.  Thus it will output all the data up to that point, and then spew errors to the log.  Being the blog still works and I don't intend on putting anymore work into that, I took a different approach that avoids the connection issue.

Being the page was getting large and cluttered I opted to also implement alphabetic separators for both the Beer and the Wine page that is 99% the same page, just with different data.  So fixed the issue and implemented a change I've been wanting to do anyway!  Net win.
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Monday, December 14, 2009

7th Blogversary

So apparently I sadly missed posting about my 6th Blogversary last year as I didn't post in December of last year at all.  Anyhow, today marks my 7th year of spewing out this pointless, self-serving drivel.  More than ever, this year I posted largely to the Beer topic and a little less so to the PhotoBlog.  Recently I've been trying to post more to Brainwork topic to pump some life back into it.  Being it's been two years, I did make my way back to Twitter without completely abandoning my blog.  My posts here get posted there with a link to the full entry.  This seems to work and actually, it's largely replaced my comments section as a feedback mechanism.

This will likely be one of my last posts while still running this on PolarBlog.  I'm getting close to migrating away and I'm optimistic that I'll be off of it before the end of the year.

Seven years of blogging certainly isn't a record, but it's definitely a lot longer that a lot of people I know.  Anyhow, here's to another year.

Here's the obligatory links to previous blogveraries:
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Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Wine Log page

So a few months ago I added the Beer page.  This is a single-page index of the Beer! blog topic.

So in true programming laziness, I've now cloned it to make the new Wine page which is a single-page index of the Wine blog topic.
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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Site Update

I've been doing a bit of housecleaning on the site over the past couple of days…

First off I finally updated my resume.  Not really looking for work, but generally it's a good idea to keep it up-to-date, right?

Another thing I've been going to do, but just hadn't found the time for was adding a Beer page.  This is basically a single-page index of the Beer! blog topic.  If nothing else, this helps me avoid creating duplicate entries…of which I did find one while working on it.  See, once again beer has helped to make things right!  ;)
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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Server Move

Okay, this was resolved yesterday without any further incidents and things should be good to go.  Thus let me know if you find something odd happening.


So you may have noticed that my site was down from late Monday through yesterday.  That was due to moving from one server to another (better) server by my hosting company.  It's all moved and appears to be faster —which is a good thing, but there's a couple of remaining issues.  At the moment my subdomains (myclient, polarblog, projects and are not resolving although the configuration and data all appears to be there.  Also my photo gallery is not longer working and results in 500 server error when you go there.  Thus I have a support ticket open and currently am awaiting for a resolution of these issues.
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Friday, January 04, 2008

PolarLava 2008

Let's review the year of slow to no progress.  And it's unlikely to get much better so for 2009 I'm going to just continue to meet the goals I missed here.

In no particular order, here are PolarLava's goals for 2008:
  • Resume getting the backlog of all my writing online. PARTIAL, I did get more of them online, but there's a long way to go.
  • Explore/Move my PhotoBlog to a separate photblog specific platform.  FAIL, Did look into this a bit, but not too seriously.  More than anything now that I got a new camera I need to take more pictures!
  • Start commenting on my PhotoBlog entries so some of them are not quite as abstract.  SUCCESS, This I have done as it's relatively easy.
  • Add the ability to drill down and view monthly summary and individual rides from the Yearly Summary page of my Cycling Log.  FAIL, But I still want to do this at some point.
  • Add graphs to the Calendar and Yearly Summary pages of my Cycling Log.  PARTIAL, I did this everywhere except the yearly page.  And doing that shouldn't be to tough, but I just haven't gotten to it.
  • Add a route mapping feature to my Cycling Log.  This might be either adding an external link to a third-party mapping site or ideally some sort of mapping within my site.  FAIL, Would like to do this as an integrate feature, but likely to go third-party as that's the only way it will probably get done.
  • Write a DB class for PostgreSQL and integrate it into MyClient so you can connect to both MySQL and PostgreSQL databases at the same time.  FAIL, Another no progress thing I'd like to do, particularly for MyClient.
  • Start learning a little Ruby.  FAIL, Ditto.  I actually looked at buying a book about though a couple of months ago.
  • Complete project pages for my current and future projects. FAIL, Unlikely to get done and may get scaled back as I just can't support so much FOSS these days.  Bummer.
  • Actually release an update for Yapter.  FAIL, This might get killed as an independent project.  I'd like to keep it and I still use an updated but unreleased version.  Really needs a complete rewrite as I'd like to use it on other projects.  Then again, I've been thinking of moving to a framework for those.
  • Add a calendar entry view to PolarBlog.  FAIL, This actually is about 90% complete, but I just haven't tied up the loose ends.
SUMMARY:  The year of FAIL!
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Friday, December 14, 2007

5th Blogversary

So here's to another year —five in total now, of spewing out this pointless, self-serving drivel.  And like last year, this past year I've mostly been posting to the PhotoBlog and Beer topics, but occasionally have time to ramble on about other nonsense.  I guess the other big diversion this year was Twitter and my brief addiction to it.  I might go back, but right now it's just idling and gets automated posts.

Here's the obligatory links to previous blogveraries:
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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Error Page Updated

From the "Who really cares besides me" department…

I've updated the error page so when one enters a bad URL you can now correct it and redirect to what is hopefully a valid page.  And if you try to redirect anywhere but a PolarLava page, you wind up on the error page again.  Allowing redirections to outside locations would be ripe for abuse by spammers, phishers and similar treacherous cretins.

I'm guessing this is largely useful to me more than others, but basically if you fat finger a URL you can now easily fix it and get to where you were headed in the first place.
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