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Friday, September 08, 2006

Toilet Paper Fix

I snapped this pick a couple of weeks ago in the bathroom here at work.  The latch that holds the cover shut was broken so it constatly was flopping open.  This made it difficult to get the paper out because it was always caught between the two pieces of the holder.  But not with this brilliant fix of using toilet paper "rope" to hold it shut.  This truly illustrates that Yankee Ingenuity is alive and well here in Western New York!  ;)

PolarLava - Toilet Paper Fix
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Saranac Mountain Ale

Saranac Mountain (Berry) Ale
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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Polar Bear

The Polar Bear
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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Adventures in AJAX 101

Being my weekend consisted of a couple of inches of rain from Ernesto making 2/3rd's of it a wash out, I made the best of it…

I've not done any AJAX coding until this weekend when I realized I needed to do so in order to make my Weather page work as I desired.  With the new station selection logic I added to my new weather class, it was the best way to handle it.  Thus began a forray into installing PEAR on my shared hosting and then looking into how to do what I wanted to do.

Actually I knew what I wanted to do, that being use HTML_AJAX which was the quickest easiest way to accomplish the task at hand.  And at this point is seems to be working well.  I can definately see adding some other AJAX functionality to other areas of my site and my projects.  To do that though I will need to start looking at some of the other AJAX solutions I have found.    This way I can use them without depending upon PEAR being available.  And shockingly, I might even have time to do this now that I finally got PolarBlog V1.8.0 (Swainson's Hawk) Released!
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PolarBlog V1.8.0 (Swainson’s Hawk) Released

PolarBlog V1.8.0 (Swainson's Hawk) has been released.  The major focus of this release is the addition of real-time IP blacklisting (RBL) to the commenting system and numerous bug fixes.

  • Comment IP Blacklisting
  • Added support for MySQLi extension (requires PHP5 & MySQL = 4.1)
  • Added automatic detection and (limited) support for PHP5 SPL.
  • Calendar and right column CSS changes.  See css/left_nav.diff or css/standard.diff for more information.
  • Added pb_topic_icon_image CSS class to control topic icon display. Default now sets this to (float) display on the right.  pb_title margin should be changed from 0px to -10px if you opt to change to this right side icon display.  See css/left_nav.diff or css/standard.diff for more information.
  • A number of minor tweaks were done to the CSS files plus the addition of the RBL Admin CSS.  See css/standard.diff or css/left_nav.diff for more information.
  • Changed RSS $config['rss']['feed']['encoding'] to use I18N_CHARSET by default so you don't have to change it in two places.
  • Added $config['rss']['entry_count'] to set RSS feed entry count.  Falls back to DEFAULT_DISPLAY_CNT.
  • Consolidated all JavaScript deletes to use confirmDelete() with localized message now passed.
  • Added data validation for all input variables that weren't already being validated.
  • Improved security checking by validating logged in users.
  • Added additional entry table index to improve performance.
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