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Friday, May 12, 2006

Party with a Stranger

Party with a Stranger

Isn't any reason, nevermind the time
Just having a few drinks, it all starts to rhyme
Don't even know you, don't really care
You're just the person, happened to be there

I'm just laughing, you ask me why
I can't believe this, no feeling inside
Just like the story, on the TV shows
Why we're here now, I'll never know

Girl, don't even know what I say
Hey, can't you read the signs I convey?
Like a puzzle, you play the game
Can't see this piece ain't the same
The pictures don't even relate

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High Heels and Leather

High Heels and Leather

You talk about women, here's one  you should know
Say you're lookin' for good lovin'
This one, well…she steals the show

Gotta whip in her hand
Got that look on her face
I'm tellin' you boys, She'll put you in your place
That woman, in the high heeled shoes
Into leather, boys this ain't no pose

Oh that woman, she like to bind up you
If only she could, she would get a hold on you
She's got whips and chains and a smile on her face
Knowing what she wants from you
She's into high heels and leather

In her leopard print skin suit, he whip it flies
Tie you down, Use your own necktie
Oh, that woman
That woman's into high heels and leather
She'll tie you tonight

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Saturday, May 06, 2006


So I've been doing the slow burn over this whole situation with Iran.  I don't have the time or patience to write a long diatribe about it, but need to have my say.

An Iran with nuclear power capability is not an issue for me.  Actually pretty much any country pursuing a nuclear power program is alright with me.  But if one is going to do that, you should be building state-of-the-art reactors and disposing of the waste in a safe and secure manner.

But an Iran with the bomb would not be a desirable situation from most of the world's perspective.  Actually, with the exception of those who have it, most outsiders probably see it as a pretty bad thing.  I'm pretty sure Iran and most middle-eastern countries don't see the U.S. circling overhead with the bomb as a real positive situation for them.

I really fear the Neo-Conservatives in Washington because they believe they have god on their side and feel they are empowered to do "what is right" against anyone whose views differ from their own.  Thus George and his cronnies feel it is their right to wage war —including using nukes, on anyone that doesn't fit their vision of the world.  Heck, at the rate things are going I could almost see them turning the gun on their fellow citizens who disagree with them.  Actually with the police state they have build —and continue to build, in some respects they already have.  After all, "you are either with us, or against us", right?

Getting back to Iran…it wouldn't be a real positive situation for them to have the bomb anymore than a number of countries.  I don't exactly see North Korea and Pakistan as real desirable candidate to have ownership of the bomb.  In those two cases you have a nut-job with his finger on the button and a trememdously unstable and corrupt political system on the other.

But if you really stop and look at the situation, if you were Iran, would you too not be busting your ass to develop the bomb?  They live in a very unstable region and on top of the regular harassment from the U.S., we are now sitting on both their front (Iraq) and back (Afghanistan) doorsteps.  I'd be a bit concerned too!

Iran is a very messed up country.  The government is controlled by the old guard, hardline Islamic rulers, but the bulk of the common people are very pro-western thinking.  And if the U.S. decides it needs to wage war to fix the problem, it quite well may make matters worse in the long-run.  You might stop any nuclear program they have (clean or dirty) right now, but you risk turning a lot of hearts and minds against you.

Look at the rousing welcome we got when we rolled into Iraq to "save them".  All because they were an imminent threat to our security and world peace.  Oops!  Yeah, Saddam was a bad dude and he needed to go.  But the threat didn't exist and you had him contained in a box.  But we couldn't let the politics play out could we.  Nope, we had to save the day!  Nice job George.  Asshole.

I just hope we're not watching the same scenario play out again.  The Iranian government is bad and there is tremendous world pressure for them to come clean.  There is talk of evidence of them pursuing the bomb.  Yeah, like I said, that would be bad.  But can we at least let the politics of this play out before we start bombing them into submission?  No, they haven't been very cooperative, and they keep talking trash, but before we light them up can we get everyone on the same page?  If the politics don't work out then at least at that point there might be more international support of military action.  We can't keep bombing countries just because we don't like what they are doing or what they believe.  Can we have some consensus here first please?  Otherwise you're just furthering our image as an intolerant bully.
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