Summer’s Fading

Summer's Fading  

This coming week is going to be pretty hot, but after last week and come the end of this week, there's no denying…Summer's fading. :(  It's been a great summer and I don't want to let it go, but I'm anticipating that Fall will be nice as well.  I just have to acclimate to the cooler morning rides and accept that the days aren't going to be scorching as they have been.  It's not over yet, but as you can see, it's heading that direction.

This isn't actually a photo, but a scan of a Norway Maple leave that my daughter Olivia picked up while walking the dog on Saturday night.  She handed it to me and being I thought it had and interesting color pattern I decided I'd take it home and try scanning it.  It only sat inside for about an hour or so before scanning, but it was already deteriorating.  It had begun to wilt, and also the colors didn't seem as bright.  I've processed this a bit to push the red a bit more as it looked in the bright sunlight when fresh.

I actually thought this was a Silver Maple, but the shape of the leaf is more indicative of a Norway Maple…which just happens to be an invasive species in North America!  Great.
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