Breastfeeding While Driving

It's been a longtime since I last posted under this topic.  I guess it's largely due to little things I come across now generally wind up on my Twitter page.  But this one deserves a special calling out…

So exactly when does your brain tell you that it's okay to breastfeed your kid while driving?!  Really?  You think that's a good/acceptable idea?  I guess that's probably what you were discussing while you were talking on your cell phone at the same time!

There are days I have to question my ability and mental fitness to be a parent; but thanks to our good friend Darwin, I've got people like Genine Compton to let me know —or in this case my wife I guess, that we're not so bad after all.

Dear God, why do you let these people spawn?
March 3, 2009 @ 12:58 pm | Category:
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