Take2: New Pedals and Shoes!

So nearly two years ago I bought New Pedals and Shoes!  Apparently I never followed that post up, but I ended up returning both.  The Cannondale RP 2000 shoes were way too narrow so I initially exchanged them for some other shoes.  I don't recall what those were, but they didn't fit right either.  I also decided I wasn't completely enthralled with the Time RXE Composite road pedals either.  Thus I sent it all back.  Frustrated and not really needing to spend the money in first place, I opted to just stick with my old Shimano shoes and the SPD pedals I had been using.

But all has changed for my 2009 season.  For Christmas my parents bought me the Look Keo Classic pedals that I've been eying for a longtime.  No, the're not the super spiffy, super lightweight carbon fiber and titanium ones.  That's way serious cash and honestly I really don't need anything like that anyway.  These meet my needs; reasonable price and a wider platform than the SPD's I have been using.

Look Keo Classic

As for shoes I've opted for a pair of Shimano SH-R131S racing shoes with a carbon sole.  It's revolting just how worn out my previous shoes are after slipping these on!  They're a far better shoe than old ones —comparable to the Cannondale's, but with the bonus of actually being wide enough to get my foot in!  The carbon sole wasn't a requirement, but is certainly welcome.  But what was a requirement for me this time was shoe with a micro-adjustable buckle.

Shimano SH-R131S

Now I just need to get all of this put together on the bike and dial in the setup.  But before I can do that I need do some serious year-end/year-start maintenance.  Oh, and get some jobs around the house done so my wife might actually let me outdoors!
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