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In the past weeks I've come across several articles regarding vegetarianism.  First there is Vegetarian myths, debunked and Why I stopped being a vegetarian and then reading the paper the other day I found Breaking bread with vegans was fun.

I agree with some aspects of all three of these articles.  I'm not a true vegetarian although I mostly eat that way.  I do eat dairy (lacto) and eggs (ovo) regularly and fish and seafood (pesco) when I can.  And I don't see ever becoming a vegan because I really like lacto-ovo-pesco food.  But then again there was a time I couldn't have imagined I'd be a vegetarian.  I can certainly say I really doubt I'll go back to eating meat…but never say never, right?  It really doesn't appeal to me; and now that I've been away from it for about a decade, it generally puts me close to physical illness if I accidentally find I'm eating it.  And eating very much of it certainly makes me ill at this point as my body no longer knows how to process it.  

One thing I'm definitely not is evangelical about by vegetarianism.  Mostly because my reasons for becoming one were healthy eating based, not ethical.  If you want to club a cow over the head and eat it, go right ahead.  But in return I've appreciate not being labeled as some sort of weirdo because I choose not to eat it.  Why should you care if I eat meat or not?  After all, it's more for you right?  Without a doubt I certainly run into more obnoxious meat-eaters than tree-hugging leaf munchers.  But I know they're out there.  And I'm pretty sure I'd find the as annoying at the militant meat-eaters.  So how about everybody just chill out let the other eat what they want, OK?  Thanks.
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