Hornet? Wasp? Other?

Hornet? Wasp? Other? (1) Hornet? Wasp? Other? (2)Hornet? Wasp? Other? (3)  

I'm not sure what this monster is —my guess is some sort of hornet, and I've never seen one previously, but he's nasty looking.  Although he should be nice to me as I rescued him from a small pot of water on my patio (last summer) where he was floating upside down.  After getting him out and upright, I snapped this shots as he slowly regained his bearing.  He flew off a short time later and I've never seen him or his kind again.

If you have some idea of what this really is, please leave a comment or let me know.  Thanks.
April 11, 2008 @ 01:05 pm | Category:
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